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For the finest in Indian classical and performing arts.

Mission and Vision

  • “Dissemination of the rich Indian art & culture and achieving integration through culture” – Soorya strives towards presenting the finest in the diverse art forms of India to the art lovers of Singapore in a multi-cultural, multi-racial milieu.
  • * “Art with a heart” – Soorya will remain committed to the weak and under privileged sections of the society by contributing significant part of its annual financial surplus to agencies and organizations of a charitable nature.
  • Presenting top artistes at nominal ticket charges to make fine quality art available to wide segments of the community.

Soorya (Singapore) presents

The Transcendence "Ardhanarisvaram"
Transcending Gender...

The transience of gender as an identity is investigated through myths of Shiva, Ardhanarisvara, Shakti and Mohini. This classical dance performance by accomplished exponents explores the idea of transcending gender to a higher conception of self through inherent and latent powers of reality.

Venue: Esplanade Theatre Studio
Date: Saturday, 14 October & Sunday, 15 October 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Admission Fee: S$30 & S$50 (Excl. Booking Fee),

Click here for on-line ticketing.

Featuring Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi (Rupanurupam style) danceforms:

  • Maalika Panicker (Singapore), noted exponent of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam.

  • Haleem Khan (India), accomplished Kuchipudi(Rupanurupam, female impersonation, style) artiste and also a well known cine screen actor of the Telugu silver screen.

  • Krishnakumar Irinjalakuda (India) noted Male Mohiniyattam exponent, of the almost entirely female artform.


HALEEM KHAN - Kuchipudi (India)

A write up: With Love, From Haleem Khan to Kuchipudi by Nitin B.


Haleem Khan is known for taking the audience's breath away as he walks on stage, and narrates stories from mythology through dance. However, the uniqueness of his act, is that he is dressed from head to toe as a woman. For the remainder of his act, those clueless, do not realize that the dancer behind the traditional attire, is in fact a man. His body movements do not spill out his secret either. It is only after the performance that people realize, and thunderous applause follows.

With over 800 solo and group shows across the country and abroad, Haleem has become a well-known figure in Hyderabad's cultural circuit and has been profiled many times by the media.

Haleem was 16-years-old and was completing his high school in Ongole in Prakasam district when he decided that he wanted to learn Kuchipudi, a classical Indian dance form which is said to have originated from undivided Andhra Pradesh.

However, coming from a conservative family, he had his apprehensions. "I was very quiet and secretive about it then. I found a guruji, (teacher) and I went to class whenever I could - mostly between college and tution classes," the 32-year old tells The News Minute.

This went on till he moved to Hyderabad after his graduation and decided to quit his job as an IT recruiter in 2009. "I couldn't sail on both boats. I had to make a choice, and I chose dance," he says. The rest, was history.

Haleem's commitment to dance is not just personal. "I am now working on an instructional DVD, something like a video book that mainly children can learn from," he says. "The project is very close to my heart and I have put in a lot of effort for it. It isn't that age specific, and even adults can learn from it. My only aim is to spread the cultural dance form to the next generation," he adds. Asked how he began to learn the dance form, Haleem said it wasn't a eureka moment. "There wasn't any particular incident as such that triggered me to start dancing. It was a gradual process. I watched various classical art forms on TV and I saw a lot of old movies, and then one day I decided that I would learn to do it myself," he says.


Haleem fought against the odds as Kuchipudi has always been seen as a female dance form, glorifying Hinduism "Firstly, as far as the gender was concerned, I did not start off with the intention to dress like a woman. It was later on that I learnt about the fact that it was common for men to play female characters in Kuchipudi," he says. Haleem then gave it a shot and realized that he could pull it off."I'm very glad I can pull it off. Not everyone can, because it is hard. I am always the sort that likes to challenge myself and this was the biggest one I had ever faced. So I took it up," Haleem adds.

As far as the religion was concerned, Haleem says "There is no denying it. Kuchipudi is a Hindu dance form. It propagates stories from the Upanishads and Vedas. I cannot do a performance, if prejudice comes in the way. I believe the stories completely, that's why I can narrate them through dance. However, at the end of the day, it's the art that matters and not the religion."

When asked about his impeccable look, Haleem admits that he is a perfectionist. "I won't settle for anything less. The make-up has to be perfect. Initially, I did a few photo shoots, to get the feel of what I look like. My guru was really happy when I sent him my video and he told me to take it up seriously," he says.

Haleem says he will never give up Kuchipudi. "I love art in general but what draws me to dance and most of all Kuchipudi, is its ability to tell stories," he adds.


Source : http://www.thenewsminute.com/article/love-haleem-khan-kuchipudi-32984

More on Haleem Khan

Haleem Khan is an Indian Kuchipudi dancer, performer and movie actor, born on 10 April from Ongole of Andhra Pradesh and presently lives in Hyderabad. Haleem has performed more than 800 dance shows across the world, as well as conducted Kuchipudi workshops overseas. Haleem specializes in Rupanurupam (female impersonation) within Kuchipudi; he is well known for his performance of Bhama Kalapam and various roles in Annamacharya kirtanas. Hailing from a Muslim family in a small town, Haleem had faced many difficulties in learning Kuchipudi without his family knowing of it. Initially Haleem had performed under the stage name of Hari. His dance, especially the female impersonation has given him a critical acclaim and won him many awards and felicitations. Haleem is very passionate about preserving the art and is working on an interactive Kuchipudi dance instruction video.

Right from his childhood days, classical dance form of Kuchipudi fascinated him and movies were his primary source of inspiration. Long before he fully comprehended the obstacles that had to be faced, he had set his goals to pursue learning Kuchipudi. He was blessed to find his guru, Shri Kaza Venkata Subramanyam garu, who spotted divine grace in him and gave guidance to his passion.The Passion, innovation and excellence of dance is ingrained in him, Innovation can be seen in many of his performances where he intertwined poetry and music (both English and Urdu) with dance, fused ballet with Kuchipudi. He can effortlessly bring out the aggression of Lord Shiva as he does the Tandavam, or can take the audience inside a woman's heart who is romancing her man through his Javali.

As he is a natural performing artist. He acted in films successfully; he has been passionate in looking at a broad canvas. To look inside the psyche of his artistic nature, and what drives him, is perhaps the innate desire to, in many ways preserve the ancient dance form, where dance cannot reach many due to the pressures of modern day life, constraints in access to resources; he produced a sophisticated Dance Instructional DVD. He has taken upon himself the shades and nuances to hold on to and propagate the ancient tradition when female dancers did not take to the stage, and female impersonation was popular; He is one among the few male dancers who can don the female role effortlessly leaving the audience mesmerized. The jigsaw puzzle fits -- his passion as a male dancer to preserve and propagate his centuries old dance form.

Ambition has no end, and he has been blessed by many gurus and very senior artists and veterans, that he will go a long way. The sky is the only limit for a passionate dancer.He debuted in Telugu movies with Nuvvila which has performed well at the box office. Further on he has acted in several Telugu movies. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haleem_Khan)Media coverage : Read : http://www.haleemkhan.com/#sthash.HwWPGy2z.dpbs

Irijanlakuda Krishnakumar - Mohiniattam ( India)


*The best known male practitioner of the almost exclusively female art form. *The premier disciple of the celebrated Guru Kalamandalam Kshemavathy.*Panelled artiste of ICCR (Indian Council of Cultural Relations) and graded artiste of Doordarshan (Indian national TVchannel) in Mohiniyattam.*Master of the subtle romantic expressions in Mohiniyattam, such as the poignant yearning for the Lord, quintessential motherhood etc, rarely portrayed realistically by male dancers.


. Got the "Nalanda Nritya Nipuna" Award in Mohiniyattam fromNalanda Dance Research Centre, Mumbai.* Got certification from Indian Council For Cultural Relations(ICCR), Delhi in Mohiniyattam solo.. Graded artiste in Mohiniyattam from Doordarshan Kendra,Thiruvananthapuram.


*Learned classical dances including Mohiniyattam under theGuru.Kalamandalam Kshemavathy.*Graduate in Mathematics from Christ College, Irinjalakuda,Thrissur(DT) .*Passed MCA from Dr.John Matthai Centre, Thrissur(Calicut University Sub Centre).


1. Sree.Koodalmanickyam Temple Festival - 2007,Irinjalakuda.
2. Performed Mohiniyattam at Vadakkumnathan Temple,Thrissur in connection with Sivarathri Festival,February,2009.
3. Performed Mohiniyattam at Chovelloor Siva Temple,Chovelloor,Thrissur in connection with Sivarathri Festival,February,2009.
4. Performed Mohiniyattam at Sree Koodalmanickyam Temple in connectionWith "Ramayana Bhagavatha Sangamotsavam", - 2009.
5. Performed Mohiniyattam at Guruvayoor Temple in connection with monthly cultural programme "Sankrama Sandhya" - June,2009.
6. Performed Mohiniyattam at AarattupuzhaTemple,Aarattupuzha,Trissur in connection with "Navaratri Celebrations" - September,2009.
7. Performed Mohiniyattam at Neeranjalai Temple, Trissur in connection with "Navaratri Celebrations" - September,2009.
8. Performed Mohiniyattam at Paramekkavu Devi Temple,Trissur in connection with " Kodi Archana" - December,2009.
9. Performed Mohiniyattam at Triprayar Sree Rama Temple, Triprayar, Thrissur in connection with "Ekadasi Celebrations" - December,2009.
10. Performed Mohiniyattam at Mammiyoor Siva Temple,Guruvayoor, Thrissur in connection with "Sivaratri Celebrations" - February,2010.
11. Performed Mohiniyattam at Lokanarkavu Temple,Vadakara, Kozhikkode in connection with "Pooram Celebrations" - March,2010.
12. Performed Mohiniyattam at SREE MOOKAMBIKA TEMPLE,KOLLUR in connection with Navaratri celebrations - October,2010.
13. Performed Mohiniyattam at Triprayar Sree Rama Temple, Triprayar, Thrissur in connection with "Ekadasi Celebrations" - December,2010.
14. Performed Mohiniyattam at Mukundapuram Sree Krishna Temple, Irinjalakuda,Thrissur in connection with "Pratishtta Dina Mahotsavam", February - 2011.
15. Performed Mohiniyattam at Talore Siva Temple Temple, Talore , Thrissur in connection with "Sivaratri Celebrations" March - 2011.
16. Performed Mohiniyattam at Varanad Devi Temple, Cherthala in connection with "Utsavam Celebrations", Feb - 2012.
17. Performed Mohiniyattam at Puthoor Devi Temple, Palakkad in connection with "Vela Celebrations" (Not Main Festival), March - 2012.
18. Performed Mohiniyattam in connection with Sree.Koodalmanickyam Temple Festival - 2013, Irinjalakuda.
19. Performed Mohiniyattam in connection with Sree.Guruvayoor Temple Festival.
20. Performed Mohiniyattam at Vadakkumthara Temple,Palakkad in connection with Navaratri Festival-2015.
21. Performed Mohiniyattam at Mannarasala Sree Naga Raja Temple in connection with Ayillya Mahotsavam on Nov 4,2015.
22. Performed Mohiniyattam at Ochira Parabrahma Temple in connection with Vrishchika Mahotsavam on Nov 25,2015.
23. Performed Mohiniyattam at Sree Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Temple in connection with Laksharchana on Dec 5,2015.
24. Performed Mohiniyattam at Cheru Trikkovil Sree Subrahmania swamy Temple in connection with Thaippoya Mahotsavam on Jan 24,2016.
25. Christ College Auditorium in connection with the KALA SANDHYA-2007
26. Performed Mohiniyattam in "Nalanda Nrityotsava"-2008 conducted by "Nalanda Dance Research Centre",Mumbai which was held at Taj Lands End, at Bandra, in January 2008.
27. Performed Mohiniyattam for "Puthuma" programme held at Thelappilly,Trissur.
28. Performed Mohiniyattam in connection with "Thrissur Pooram Exhibition" - April, 2009.
29. Performed Mohiniyattam at Regional Theatre,Trissur organized by "Bharatham",Trissur for their monthly programme - September,2009.
30. Performed Mohiniyattam at Poonkunnam Siva Temple, Thrissur in connection with "Sivaratri Celebrations" - February,2010 organised by Talam Cultural Trust, Trissur as their monthly programme.
31. Performed Mohiniyattam at KPAC, Kayamkulam in connection withChildren's Theatre Workshop - April, 2010.
32. Performed Mohiniyattam at Unnayi Warrier Smaraka KalaNilayam,Irinjalakuda in connection with Sri.M.S.Namboodiri Janma SataabdhiAkhosham - September, 2010.
33. Performed Mohiniyattam at Bharat Kalachar,Chennai in connectionwith YUVA UTSAV - September, 2010.
34. Performed Mohiniyattam at Music Department Auditorium,Thiruvananthapuram in connection with SOORYA FESTIVAL -December, 2010.
35. Performed Mohiniyattam at Chandra Mandala Spaces, BesantNagar, Chennai in connection with Abhinaya Sudha Festival -December,2010.
36. Performed Mohiniyattam at LIONS CLUB STATE MEET - 2011 held atThrissur.
37. Performed Mohiniyattam in connection with Kottakkal Sasidharan's 60 thBirthday Celebrations held at Kottakkal.
38. Performed Mohiniyattam in connection with Navaratri Celebrations -SERENE UTSAV - 2011, Coimbatore.
39. Performed Mohiniyattam in connection with "Thrissur PooramExhibition" - April, 2012.
40. Performed Mohiniyattam in connection with "Sree Swathi Thirunal MusicAnd Dance Festival" organized by Nadopasana, Irinjalakuda onApril 2,2015.


1. Performed Mohiniyattam at Kotta Kunnu, Malappuram inconnection with Utsavam - February 2010, conducted by KeralaTourism Promotion Council.
2. Performed Mohiniyattam at Ullyeri, Kozhikkode in connectionwith Utsavam - February 2010, conducted by Kerala TourismPromotion Council.
3. Performed Mohiniyattam at Town Hall, Palakkad in connectionwith "Swati Sangeetotsavam"- February 2010, conducted jointlyby Kerala Sangeeta Natak Akademi and Swaralaya.
4. Performed Mohiniyattam at the prestigious MUDRA FESTIVAL -September, 2010 conducted by Government Of Kerala atVailoppilly Samskriti Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram.
5. Performed Mohiniyattam at Kozhikkode Beach in connectionwith Utsavam - 2011, conducted by Kerala TourismPromotion Council.
6. Performed Mohiniyattam at Kumarakam, Kottayam in connectionwith Utsavam - 2011, conducted by Kerala TourismPromotion Council.
7. Performed Mohiniyttam at INDRA DHANUSH Dance Festival -2011 conducted by SUNAINA in association with ICCR - NewDelhi and Ministry Of Culture at Azad Bhavan Auditorium,ICCR - New Delhi.
8. Performed Mohiniyattam at "Snehatheeram", Thalikkulam,Thrissur in connection with Utsavam - 2011, conducted by KeralaTourism Promotion Council.
9. Performed Mohiniyattam at Somanath Temple, Ulsoor,Banglore in connection with "GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA -Bengaluru Temple Festival", Jan - 2012.
l0. Performed Mohiniyattam at DARPANA, Ahmedabadin connection with "NATARANI" Dance Festival, April 2012.
11. Performed Mohiniyattam in THANIMA Festival - 2013,Irinjalakuda.
12. Performed Mohiniyattam in Doordarshan Kendra,TVM inMarch,2013.
13. Performed Mohiniyattam at Palakkad in connection with PrathiMasa Mohiniyatta Nritha Paripadi organized by KeralaSangeetha Nataka Academy on July11,2014.
14. Performed Mohiniyattam at Omkara Kalakshetram,Athani inconnection with Prathi Masa Mohiniyatta Nritha Paripadiorganized by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy on July12,2014.
15. Performed Mohiniyattam at Ikons Auditorium,Kavalappara,Shornur in connection with Prathi Masa Mohiniyatta NrithaParipadi organized by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy onJuly13,2014.
16. Performed Mohiniyattam at Vailoppilly Samskrithi Bhavan,TVMin connection with Mohini Nrityathi Dance Festival organized byKerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy on Dec 3,2015.
17. Performed Mohiniyattam at Ayyappa Temple,Suratin connection with Mohini Nrityathi Dance Festival organized byKerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy on Dec 12,2015.
18. Performed Mohiniyattam at Kerala Sangeetha Nataka AcademyNatya Griham,Thrissur in connection with Mohini NrityathiDance Festival organized by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academyon Dec 29,2015.

MAALIKA GIRISH PANICKER : Bharathanatyam - (Singapore)


Maalika Girish Panicker is a uniquely talented artist who graduated from Kalakshetra, the renowned college of Fine Arts in Chennai, India.A popular face on Singapore television, Maalika G. has performed in numerous stage productions from the experimental to the purely traditional. Apart from performing widely in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Australia, she has also worked with eminent artists such as Dr. Vyjayanthimala Bali.

As a dance Guru, Maalika G. has over 14 years of teaching experience in Bharathanatyam and Mohiniyaattam at the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society.She has conducted over 14 Arangetrams (dance debut) for her students.

Maalika is very well-known for her costume designing that adds to the dancer's presentation on stage. Her unique conceptualization of themes such as womanhood (Sthri), Ganges, Dasavatharam, Valli-Deivanai Kalyanam etc. has left a lasting memory among the audience. Maalika G is also renowned for her choreography that takes into account all aspects of the aesthetics of the dancer.


Maalika G. strives to share her passion for the aesthetics of fine arts through AAKASH GANGA. With pleasure in her job and perfection at work, Maalika Grish Panickker is a dancer, a choreographer, a teacher, a mentor, a confidant and an artistic director.

A write up - Maalika, a gender change for the better (DECCAN CHRONICLE | JAYWANT NAIDU - PublishedDec 13, 2015, 5:15 am IST)

Gender wise: Maalika Girish Panicker in conversation with her student. Formerly known as Girish, Maalika Girish Panicker is an inspiring figure not just for her talent but even her grit

Maalika Girish Panicker, a Bharatanatyam exponent from Singapore, is in Hyderabad for the arangetram of her student Katyaini Reddy. Maalika, who was born as Girish, was lucky to have joined Kalakshetra, Chennai, for her initial training in dance. The 44-year-old is proficient in Mohiniyattam and is a guru to nearly 200 students at her dance school Aakash Ganga.

Having served as a dance teacher in Singapore Fine Arts Society, Maalika truly enjoys the feminine aspects of dance. It was, thus, a natural decision for her to go in for 'gender change' which is legal in Singapore.


Like Ardhanarishvara - an amalgamation of the male-female form in Lord Shiva - Maalika soon imbibed the two forms in her real life. "Art is a process which takes a lot of time to sink into the young minds. Therefore, it is a responsibility of the parents to guide the children. In Singapore, it is compulsory for every student to take up co-curricular activities and they also have an opportunity to go for Art Elective Programmes," Maalika said.

Talking about legendary artistes from India, Maalika said: "Actress Vyjayanthimala and Padmini have always fascinated me. I was always inspired by eminent dancer Kala Krishna who hails from this region. It was a pleasant surprise to see him perform in a female role on stage so gracefully.

"I take lot of care in nurturing and training students. I do not want to teach in a hurry and I ensure that the soul of a student awakens through the medium of dance," said Maalika.

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